Klüberfood NH1 44-301

Артикулен №: 096182 Innovative lubricating grease for rolling bearings in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Are you looking for an innovative grease technology with a comparable performance to non-food products? At the same time the product concept has to fulfill all necessary requirements to protect your components no matter if you are an OEM or operator of packaging equipment. Klüberfood NH1 44-301 is representing the first grease on the market with a special synthetic base oil selection and a lithium soap thickener fulfilling all requirements for a NSF H1 registration. It is an innovative lubricating grease concept designed for use in the packaging, food and beverage industry but also suitable for use in multiple markets. The special formulation of Klüberfood NH1 44-301 provides high adhesiveness despite the soft consistency: these two characteristics offer a high pumpability in centralized lubricating systems and exceptional wetting properties.

Klüberfood NH1 44-301

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reliable operation over a wide service temperature range due to synthetic base oil selection

  • Reliable operation at low temperatures due to special thickener technology

  • Reduced risk of premature component failure due to good adhesion and elastomer compatibility

  • Insufficient lubricationprevented by very good pumpability in centralized lubricating systems due to adjusted consistency

  • NSF-H1 registration to ensure food safety compliance

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