Klüberfluid D-F 1 Ultra

Артикулен №: 039084 Repair lubricant for open girth gear drives

Klüberfluid D-F 1 ULTRA is a running-in and repair lubricant suitable for manual spray application. It is based on mineral oil thickened with lithium soap and contains special additives.

Klüberfluid D-F 1 Ultra

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Correction and repair lubricant for large open gear drives

  • Ready-to-use product

  • Suitable for application under full load conditions

  • No cleaning of gears required after use

  • Low consumption rate

  • Free from solvents, bitumen, heavy metals, chlorine, graphite and MoS2

  • Light-coloured, transparent formulation

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