Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra

Артикулен №: 039227 Operational open gear lubricant for large girth gear drives

As an operator or manufacturer of large open gear drives, it is your priority to reduce downtime and minimize your total cost of operation. Open gears are subjected to challenging operating conditions like vibrations, dusty environments, highly varying loads, speeds, and operating parameters. Our Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra as a high-performance lubricant concept for open gear drives can support you in this aim. It is based on an innovative synthetic base oil and was developed to meet your increasing demands of modern day open gears.

The high viscosity index of Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra provides the highest film thicknesses and thus the highest load carrying capacity, even if your gears are running at elevated temperatures. Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra does not contain a diluent or solvent, but can still be pumped without a heating system at temperatures <10 °C. This means the full viscosity is achieved at the moment the product is applied to the gears, without waiting for the diluent to evaporate. Lower friction values compared to conventional open gear lubricants and higher lubricant film thicknesses provide more safety against tooth damage such as pitting, plastic flow, and wear, and improves energy efficiency. This higher film thickness and lower friction coefficient have proven to lower overall tooth flank temperatures, temperature differentials, and vibrations.

Compared to traditional open gear greases, Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra can reduce the lubricant consumption, extend the life of your gears and optimize your maintenance.

Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra exceeds the requirements of ANSI/AGMA 6014-B15 Annex D and FLSmidth Minerals Gear Set Lubrication Guidelines.

Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra is free from bitumen, solvents, heavy metals and chlorine. In addition Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra contains an UV indicator to facilitate your quality inspection.

Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Lower Total Cost of Operation

    • Very high viscosity provides the highest load carrying capacity even at elevated temperatures

    • Lower friction values provide more protection against damage and help to save energy

    • Lower consumption rates

  • Improved maintenance and safety

    • Pumpable without the use of diluents or solvents due to very good low-temperature behavior

    • Easier inspection of the tooth flanks during operation due to the light-colored and transparent lubricant

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