Klüberflex 300-0 N

Артикулен №: 099218 One-component bonded coating free from co-solvent for sealing rings

The product name Klüberflex designates a modular product concept offering a range of individualized solutions, from the simple base product to a complex bonded coating system incorporating a variety of features.

Klüberflex 300-0 N is the water-miscible, heat-hardening base product for high requirements on sealing systems.

This bonded coating combines, when hardened, a soft and pleasant surface finish with high resistance to wear and chemical agents.

Klüberflex 300-0 N

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Easy and clean assembly of O-ring seals

  • Easy separation of rings during automatic feeding due to anti-stick surface

  • Quick check of coating quality after application due to integrated UV indicator (excitation at 300-400 nm)

  • Cost savings during processing

  • Easy and uncomplicated processing

  • Ready to use! No dilution or mixing of several components.

  • High flexibility helps to meet your individual customer requirements

  • Individualised product adjustment with additional product modules

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