Klüberbio LO 32-2500

Артикулен №: 009009 Ultimately biodegradable lubricant for railway switches

Klüberbio LO 32-2500 is a synthetic, ultimately biodegradable special lubricant for railway switches.

Acc. to the OECD test 301 F the product is readily biodegradable (>=60 % after 28 days). The lubricant contains solid lubricants for emergency running properties.

As Klüberbio LO 32-2500 offers good corrosion- and wear protection and is resistant to washout by rain, lubrication intervals can be extended.

The product is effectively protected against UV light, which prevents rapid gumming in sunlight and hence an increase of switch setting forces.

Klüberbio LO 32-2500

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Trouble-free operation over a wide temperature range due to solid lubricants providing emergency running properties

  • Good UV resistance prevents rapid gumming of the applied lubricant after long exposure to sunlight

  • Extended relubrication intervals due to good corrosion protection and resistance to washout by rain

  • Low operating costs due to considerably lower lubricant consumption and less manpower for relubrication

  • Eco-compatible due to biodegradability

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