Klüberbio AG 39-602 N

Артикулен №: 009092 Environmentally acceptable adhesive lubricant for open gears and steel cables

Open gears and steel ropes operating in a maritime environment are subject to extreme loads and requirements. Saline and humid air, strong temperature fluctuations and splash water or constant contact with seawater take their toll on the equipment used.

The high-performance adhesive lubricant Klüberbio AG 39-602 N meets these demanding requirements by its good adhesion to surfaces as well as due to its excellent anticorrosive effect. To deal with the high load carrying requirements present in onboard applications, we designed Klüberbio AG 39-602 N with a highly effect anti-wear additive. This contributes to long component life, which in turn leads to less lubricant consumption and labour costs.

In addition to the EU Ecolabel, Klüberbio AG 39-602 N complies with the requirements for classification as an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) in terms of biodegradability, toxicity and bioaccumulation, as defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency for the "2013 Vessel General Permit".

Klüberbio AG 39-602 N

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Meets the requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) as defined in Appendix A of the 2013 Vessel General Permit

  • Long relubrication intervals due to good adhesion and water resistance.

  • Corrosion protection also under influence of seawater due to specially selected anti-corrosion additives

  • Contributes to the achievement of your sustainability goals:

    • Less impact on the environment due to high content of renewable raw materials

    • Extended component life due to reduced wear for less strain on resources and material consumption

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