Klüberalfa MR 3

Артикулен №: 090118 Universal sliding fluid for seals, guideways and plastic friction points

Car manufacturers are confronted with the need to prevent creaking noises (NVH requirements), in particular when a new vehicle model is being launched.

The sliding fluids Klüberalfa MR 3 based on PFPE are resistant to evaporation and were specifically developed for NVH requirements and lifetime lubrication. They offer a less expensive alternative to other noise-reducing products such as films or adhesive tapes.

Klüberalfa MR 3 products are highly compatible with most elastomers and plastics. Due to their being visually neutral, they can be used for applications in car interiors as well as in other industrial sectors.

Klüberalfa MR 3 is available in three different viscosities and supplied in a pump spray dispenser that does not release greenhouse gases.

It is easy to use in economically small quantities and does not give off combustible or flammable solvent vapours. The product forms a homogeneous lubricating film.

Klüberalfa MR 3

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduced noise and optimised friction

  • Can be combined with numerous material combinations

  • Easy and reliable application

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