Klüberalfa HBK 83-401

Артикулен №: 090233 High-temperature grease for contact lubrication

The progressive miniaturisation of industrial plug-in connectors means more performance has to be accommodated in a small space. As plug and unplug forces as well as normal forces in the contact are expected to remain unchanged, the contact's mechanical properties have to meet a higher standard.

This entails the necessity to optimise the contact system under tribological aspects while keeping electric properties constant over a long service life.

Klüberalfa HBK 83-401 is based on PFPE oils and a special PTFE solid lubricant. It offers the desired performance capabilities for the application conditions to be confronted.

Klüberalfa HBK 83-401

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Good performance on electric contacts especially when subject to micro-movements due to:

    • reduced plug and unplug forces

    • no formation of insulating degradation products

  • Long component life over a wide temperature range due to:

    • low evaporation losses

    • neutral behaviour towards plastics and elastomers

    • very good resistance to media

  • Minimum-quantity application

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