Klüber Summit Varnasolv HV

Артикулен №: 050135 Synthetic cleaning concentrate for use in wind turbine gearboxes

Due to its sufficiently high viscosity matching the gear oil, Klüber Summit Varnasolv HV can be added to the oil to clean gears during operation. Klüber Summit Varnasolv HV is a fluid cleaning concentrate designed to dissolve sticky residues, varnish and carbon build-up during operation and keep them suspended in the oil. At the end of the cleaning process, the used oil is drained to flush out the unwanted residues and fresh, clean oil is applied.

Klüber Summit Varnasolv HV

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low costs for maintenance and cleaning due to effective deposit removal

  • High viscosity formulation matching gearbox operational requirements in wind turbines

  • No gearbox downtime required for cleaning as product is used during normal turbine operation

  • Klüber Summit Varnasolv HV is neutral towards seals if the maximum recommended concentration of 10 % is not exceeded

  • Cost-saving operation and maintenance of the cleaned gearbox due to longer oil life

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