Klüber Summit TM 30

Артикулен №: 050167 Compressor oil for the lubrication of reciprocating piston compressors

For your compressed air applications, you need to be reliably supplied with the necessary volume of compressed air at a specific pressure and with a specific quality at all times. The requirements to be met by compressor oils have increased considerably. Today, a smaller quantity is expected to offer a much higher performance.

Klüber Summit TM 30 and TM 40 are available in viscosities ISO VG 100 and ISO VG 150. They are especially high-performance base products for air compressors based on a thoroughly cleaned, hydrogenated mineral oil. They contain a special additive package (syntholate) reducing carbon build-up and substantially improving the oil's ageing resistance and thermal stability. Klüber Summit TM oils keep compressors cleaner than conventional oils based on mineral oils and help increase the service life and the efficiency of your compressor system.

Klüber Summit TM 30

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low residue formation and very good ageing stability enabling

    • improved valve performance

    • lower potential for fire and explosions in discharge systems

    • low maintenance and operating costs

    • longer oil and filter life

  • Good evaporation stability leading to

    • lower oil consumption

    • less residual oil in the compressed air

  • Very good demulsifying capacity enabling

    • reduced sludge deposits in crank cases and oil separators

    • reduced emissions

    • good separation of condensate and residual oil in oil-water separators

  • Antirust and anticorrosive effect reliably protects valves and reduces wear on piston rings and cylinders

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