Klüber Summit Supra 26 N

Артикулен №: 050166 Fully synthetic air compressor oils based on polyglycol

As an operator of air compressors, you are interested in obtaining a compressor oil enabling longer oil change intervals as well as effective and reliable machine operation. It is especially for these requirements that we have developed the Klüber Summit Supra oils.

Besides their long oil life, Klüber Summit Supra oils offer you high oxidation stability, leading to less maintenance and lower operating costs. The oils' low tendency to form oxidation residues in the oil cycle extends oil filter and oil separator life and provides good conditions for longer oil change intervals. The oils contain inhibitors especially tuned to the application to additionally act against residue formation in the compressor and designed to enable good compressor efficiency. The ester component contained helps dissolve any residues that may have formed so that the oil cycle is kept clean.

Klüber Summit Supra oils are based on an advanced additive concept offering effective wear protection for steel-steel material pairings. Klüber Summit Supra oils are also neutral towards most elastomers used in air compressors, therefore leakage is not to be expected.

Owing to the evaporation stability of the base oil, the oil vapour content in the compressed air can be considerably reduced compared to conventional mineral oils, especially in screw-type compressors. This contributes to a reduction of oil consumption and clean compressed air; gumming of pneumatic valves in the compressed air circuit can be prevented as well due to the low oil content of the Klüber Summit Supra Coolant and Supra 32 in the compressed air.

Klüber Summit Supra 26 N

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Low maintenance and operating costs due to oil change intervals up to 8,000 operating hours in oil-injected screw-type compressors and up to 40,000 operating hours in turbocompressors

  • Lower operating costs due to long oil filter and oil separator lifetimes

  • Reduced cleaning costs due to good dirt-dissolving capacity of the ester oil component

  • Good miscibility of oils, hence simpler conversion of compressors previously run with oils based on polyglycol

  • Very good wear protection for steel friction bodies

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