Klüber Summit PGS 2-68

Артикулен №: 050180 Synthetic gas compressor oils

Hexane and heavier hydrocarbon gases have a severe diluting effect on compressor lubricants, which compromises the integrity of your equipment. Klüber Summit PGS 2-68 and Klüber Summit PGS 3 are polyglycol-based synthetic lubricants specially formulated for rotary screw gas compressors requiring the highest level of resistance to hydrocarbon dilution. This allows these lubricants to maintain proper operating viscosity, extending drain intervals and parts life. In addition, Klüber Summit PGS 2-68 and Klüber Summit PGS 3 unique blends provide excellent wear protection, reduced sludge and deposit formation to ensure enhanced performance when compared to petroleum-based lubricants and standard polyglycols.

Klüber Summit PGS 2-68

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Extremely resistant to thinning caused by hexane and heavy hydrocarbon gases (densities > 1.5 g/cm³)

  • Extended drain intervals and parts life thanks to its carefully chosen chemistry

  • Enhanced equipment performance due to reduced sludge and deposit formation

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