Klüber Summit PGS 2-22X

Артикулен №: 050188 Synthetic gas compressor oil also formulated for use as a mechanical seal oil

Klüber Summit PGS 2-22X is a specially designed oil for compressor OEMs that use a separate seal oil system and where compatibility with the main compressor lubricant is very important.

Klüber Summit PGS 2-22X is a polyglycol (PAG)-based oil with a high-performance additive package, which has been formulated to give negligible solubility or dilution in contact with hydrocarbon liquids and are ideal for heavy gases (densities > 1.5 g/cm³). A light-weight oil, Klüber Summit PGS 2-22X can be used in the compressor rotors and bearings where the existing oil is too viscous for use with the mechanical seals. The Klüber Summit PGS 2-22X additive package will not contribute towards degradation of the seal face in high-temperature applications.

Klüber Summit PGS-2-22X is formulated to be compatible with our polyglycol (PAG)-based gas compressor lubricants such as PGS-2-68, PGS-2 and PGS-3.

Klüber Summit PGS 2-22X features excellent thermal and oxidation stability and a high viscosity index (VI) enabling it to operate over a wide range of temperatures.

Klüber Summit PGS 2-22X

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reliable lubrication tailored to meet the requirements as a seal oil

  • Miscible with our additional Klüber Summit gas compressor lubricants such as PGS-2-68, PGS-2 and PGS-3 offering a greater range of products to work alongside enabling safe and reliable operation

  • A high viscosity index offering a large temperature range improving productivity of the compressor

  • Excellent lubricity increasing the efficiency of the compressor to provide a reduced cost of operation

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