Klüber Summit CTPS 32

Артикулен №: 050203 Centrifugal and gas turbine oil

More efficient steam and gas turbines are critical to the success of the power generation industry. Improving turbine (energy) efficiency helps reduce fuel costs, which can account for up to 80 % of total running costs, and extend component life by reducing operating temperatures.

Our Klüber Summit CTPS series lubricants are a combination of high-quality hydrotreated petroleum basestocks combined with the highest quality synthetics. They are long-life lubricants formulated with rust, oxidation and wear inhibitors. The innovative technology helps operators minimise cost to produce while maintaining high reliability and improving sustainability in high-temperature steam, gas and combined-cycle applications

The synthetics in Klüber Summit CTPS series oils keep the system free of varnish and deposits, which will eliminate the need for special ionic filtration and reduces the chances of stuck servo valves in systems equipped with hydraulics.

The synthetics also lead to a reduction of friction in gears, which can result in significant energy savings over the life-span of the turbine. This can be especially true for integrally geared centrifugal compressors.

They are formulated to avoid the need for “bleed and feed” operations that may require an additional two or three times the original oil volume as make-up oil.

The Klüber Summit CTPS series is free of zinc, phosphorus and sulfur as used in critical applications such as mechanical seals for trouble-free operation.

Klüber Summit CTPS 32

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Provides flexibility to the operator: broad application possibilities

    • Designed to lubricate and cool steam, gas and combined cycle turbines

    • Formulated for use in geared and non-geared high output turbines

  • Reduced downtime and total cost of operation due to low tendency to form varnish and deposits

    • Decrease of filter blockage and cleaner turbines reduce maintenance costs

    • Increased energy efficiency of the turbine system helps lowering energy costs and protects the environment

  • Extended component life due to very good wear protection and excellent corrosion protection even in the presence of condensed water

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