Klüber Noxlub BN 2420

Артикулен №: 090079 High-temperature grease for rolling bearings in pressure and corrugation rollers

Klüber Noxlub BN 2420 consists of a special perfluorinated polyether oil and a sodium complex soap thickener. This powerful well-balanced product features excellent thermal stability, efficient protection against wear and good anti-corrosive properties for loaded roller bearings. Klüber Noxlub BN 2420 softens when worked, so that the rolling elements are evenly coated. It is easy to clean the bearings from waste grease by means of relubrication.

Klüber Noxlub BN 2420

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reducing the amount of maintenance

    • through extended relubrication intervals

    • through good thermal stability

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