Klüber Madol 920 N

Артикулен №: 035119 Easily scourable, wear-protecting needle and sinker oils

In the knitting industry, requirements in terms of consistent product quality, compatibility of materials, wear protection and scourability are becoming more and more stringent.

With Klüber Madol 900 N oils we offer you an oil series which manufactured in consistent quality using special mineral base oils and additives.

Due to their special chemical composition, Klüber Madol 900 N oils ensure reliable wetting of the friction points in your knitting machine, keep needle grooves clean and extend the needle life.

The oils' good oxidation stability contribute to reduce wear and deposits on stitch-forming elements, thus ensuring long and trouble-free operation of knitting machines, while at the same time keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. This will contribute to reducing operating costs in the knitting mill.

Klüber Madol 915 N, 920 N and 966 N show good scourability under field conditions, with that of Klüber Madol 934 N being even better. This contributes to reducing costs in wet processing.

Klüber Madol 900 N oils are compatible with elastane fibres and commonly used synthetic fibres as well as sealing materials and plastics.

Klüber Madol 920 N

Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Good wear protection, hence longer service life of stitch-forming elements

  • Smooth running of machines due to noise and oscillation damping properties

  • Scourable with conventional washing liquors at low cost, reducing costs in wet processing

  • Compatible with elastane fibres and commonly used synthetic fibres

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