Артикулен №: 025088 High-performance hydraulic oil for wide service temperature ranges

Mobile hydraulic systems operating in the open are often subject to strong temperature variations or stresses and therefore need particularly good wear protection. The systems have to work reliably after a cold start, but also at high operating temperatures. These demanding requirements often lead to problems in operation, entailing high operating and maintenance costs if no matching lubricant is used in the application.

ISOFLEX MT 30 ROT was especially developed for this set of requirements. The high shear-resistant viscosity index and the excellent flow characteristics at low temperatures enable a wide service temperature range. This ensures maximum hydraulic power and the protection of your equipment at both high and low temperatures. ISOFLEX MT 30 ROT shows excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability for an effective prevention of deposit and sludge formation in heavily loaded hydraulic systems operating with high pressures and in high-performance pumps. The product's excellent air shedding capacity combined with its innovative detergent effect protect against failures of vital hydraulic system components such as servomechanisms and proportional valves as are found in numerous universal hydraulic applications. Stick-slip is prevented by the oil's optimised friction behaviour in hydraulic systems performing fast or slow motions.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Minimised operating and maintenance costs

    • Excellent wear protection for extended service life of individual hydraulic system components

    • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis prevents formation of sludge and deposits, enabling longer filter life

    • Extended oil change intervals due to excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability

  • Wide service temperature ranges due to high shear-resistant viscosity index

  • Good demulsifying ability prevents formation of water-oil emulsions and hence damage to the pumps

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