Артикулен №: 002075 High-temperature oil for continuous wood panel presses

HOTEMP SUPER N PLUS is a special high-temperature oil for use on the latest generation of continuous board presses subject to highest process temperatures and speeds.

HOTEMP SUPER N PLUS is an advanced product based on the HOTEMP...series with further development in terms of evaporation losses at temperatures between 230 and 260 °C.

No lacquer-like residues are formed under continuous total loss lubrication conditions. The special additives contained in HOTEMP SUPER N PLUS ensure good wear protection, spreading properties and stable lubricating film generation.


Предимства за вашето приложение

  • Reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency due to advanced additives, even at very high temperatures

  • No lacquer-like residues formed under continuous total loss lubrication conditions

  • Low evaporation losses with reduced oil consumption and fume formation

  • Good adhesion and spreading properties, minimised contamination risk and effective lubricant supply to all friction points

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