Klüberlub BE 71-501

Artikkel-nummer: 020160 Versatile lubricant for highly loaded rolling and plain bearings Reduced operating and maintenance costs due to low consumption Good wear protection when exposed to high loads Long grease life due to low operating temperatures and friction Low waste water disposal costs and long service life of components due to good water resistance

Klüberlub BE 71-501 is a light-coloured lubricating grease which offers good compatibility with nonferrous metals like those used for example as plain bearing material. Due to its special formulation and solid lubricants, wear is low when exposed to rotating and oscillating motion and high impact loads. Klüberlub BE 71-501 is resistant to water and has a good sealing effect. The additives contained in this product enhance its ageing resistance.

Klüberlub BE 71-501

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Special lubricating grease for rolling and plain bearings

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