Klüber Summit FG Elite 46

Tuotenumero: 050136 Fully synthetic compressor oils for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries

Klüber Summit FG Elite series compressor oils were especially developed for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries. It clearly outperforms conventional food-grade compressor oils. Its high-quality base oils and special additive package tuned to the requirements of air compressors offer excellent oxidation stability. Due to the innovative product concept, the formation of oil-related residues is reduced and and oxidative deposits or sludge build-up minimised. These benefits enable longer oil change intervals and service life of oil filters and separators.

The product is miscible with mineral oils and other synthetic hydrocarbon oils. It is registered as NSF H1 and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570. Klüber Summit FG Elite series was developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries. The use of Klüber Summit FG Elite can contribute to increased reliability of your production processes. Nevertheless it is recommended to conduct an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP.

Klüber Summit FG Elite 46
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  • Klüber Summit FG Elite series is NSF H1 registered for use in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries and complies with FDA 21 CFR Sec 178.3570

  • ISO 21469 certified – supports compliance with the hygienic requirements of your production. You will find further information on ISO Standard 21469 on our website www.klueber.com

  • Low maintenance and operating costs due to extended oil change intervals up to 8,000 operating hours* in oil-lubricated air compressors and vacuum pumps

  • Easy compressor conversion from mineral oils to the synthetic Klüber Summit FG Elite series due to miscibility and compatibility with common seal materials**

  • The special product formulation ensures cleanliness of the oil-carrying components, thus enabling efficient operation of compressed-air plants.

  • Longer service life of oil filters, activated carbon filters and oil separators

  • Very good water separation ability

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