Specialty lubricants for vehicles: body and exterior

Driving comfort, peace and quiet, enjoyable motoring in all seasons and in all weather conditions: the vehicle body keeps wind and weather out so that drivers can focus all their attention on the road and passengers can enjoy the ride. The vehicle's body is exposed to extreme heat and cold, water, salt and dust. Specialty lubricants ensure reliable and durable functioning of windows and doors, windscreen wipers and headlights under these demanding conditions. High-performance Lubricants from Klüber Lubrication protect these and many other parts around the vehicle body and exterior from wear and corrosion – often over the entire life cycle and without relubrication.

At a glance: specialty lubricants for vehicle bodies and exteriors

  • Lifetime protection: specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication keep many components working perfectly throughout their entire life cycle.
  • Tough performers: specialty lubricants for the vehicle body are resistant to water, salt, dust, dirt and cleaning agents.
  • A wide range of applications: from windscreen wipers and electric window lifters to sunroofs, doors and locking mechanisms, spray systems, wing mirrors, etc

Numerous applications around the vehicle

At many lubrication points on the vehicle body, specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication reduce wear and tear, enable longer component life and reduce noise. They are distinguished by their consistent performance, lifetime lubrication or long maintenance cycles. What is more, we develop our lubricants with particular emphasis on environmental sustainability and minimal consumption.

  • Smooth operation of mirrors, windows, and doors: Our industrial lubricants are used on the gears of car windscreen wiper motors, in doors and locking mechanisms, electric window lifters and sunroofs. On wing mirrors, they improve load-capacity and provide good adhesional damping for smooth and comfortable adjustment and folding. Electric doors and tailgates open evenly, smoothly and with minimal motor effort thanks to reduced friction and low breakaway torques. This ensures fewer failures and reduces wear.
  • Permanently trouble-free opening and closing: Window actuators, sunroofs and convertible tops also benefit from the use of specialty lubricants: they are extremely temperature-resistant and allow noiseless opening and closing. Good damping behaviour, low oil separation and high resistance to dirt allow long maintenance cycles and provide lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Specialty lubricants ensure a clear view: To help drivers keep a clear view, wiper blades are treated with specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication. They ensure that wipers glide smoothly and clear the windscreen perfectly. Lubricants are also used in telescopic cleaning systems for headlamps and windscreen washer systems. Here they are distinguished by their high water resistance and long-lasting lubrication effect.

Proven many times over by manufacturers, OEMs and in practice

Our specialty lubricants undergo extensive testing – in the laboratory, in tests and in practice. Many manufacturers and OEMs in the automotive industry have confirmed the high quality and compatibility of our products. They have issued corresponding approvals and rely on our lubricants for original lubrication and maintenance. We have established long-standing and close collaborations with many of you for the development and application of lubricants.

For which application do you need the right lubricant?

Klüber Lubrication stands for the highest quality, reliability and innovation. We are your competent partner for all aspects of specialty lubricants for the automotive industry.

Are you looking for the right lubricant for the vehicle body and the exterior? Do you have any questions, or do you need advice on finding a specialty solution? We are here to help you – talk to our specialists about your project!

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