Better performance and reliability attained with special lubricant solutions

No matter in which branch of industry you work, you will no doubt be facing higher efficiency requirements, increasing machine power and a demand for less maintenance. Technical elements such as guideways and bearings made of various material combinations are expected to do their job even when confronted with aggressive media or extreme temperatures. With their excellent chemical stability, PFPE lubricants can be the solution for your requirements.

What makes PFPE lubricants so valuable for you?

PFPE (perfluorinated polyether) is a long-chain polymer made up of carbon, oxygen and fluorine. Due to the strong carbon-fluorine bond, the PFPE chain structure is extremely well protected and hence highly inert. This inertness provides excellent high-temperature performance and makes PFPE products extremely useful in the presence of highly reactive chemicals. PFPE are non-flammable and have low toxicity. This supports you in acting responsibly towards the environment, your employees and customers.

Why use a PFPE lubricant made by Klüber Lubrication?

Most of our PFPE base oils are exclusively produced for Klüber Lubrication and as raw materials are unrivalled in the field of PFPE lubricants. By using such oils and our sophisticated production technology to make PFPE greases of high purity and extraordinary homogeneity, we can offer you PFPE products with an outstanding performance. Our strength is close cooperation with customers and partners, for whom we also develop tailor-made products.

Unique testing section

When developing and testing our speciality lubricants, we take the specific requirements of our customers as our yardstick. Our unique test house offers more than 100 testing installations, some of which we have developed ourselves for particular testing purposes.

Extreme high temperatures


PFPE products serve a wider temperature range than other lubricant designs. Depending on the individual product involved, PFPE-based greases can be used at temperatures from –70 °C to more than 300 °C. 

One of the particular strong points offered by PFPE lubricants is their use for lubricating friction points operating under high thermal loads. In contrast to conventional greases, they are not subject to oxidation and show less evaporation losses. 
This enables longer relubrication intervals and, in most cases, even for-life lubrication.

Low temperatures


Bearings and guideways that are exposed to high temperatures are likewise often required to work at normal or even very low temperatures. Also when cold, the component has to start smoothly. This applies also to applications with operating temperatures far higher than the temperature range normally served by typical low-temperature lubricants. 

BARRIERTA KL 092 combines low running torques at low temperature with sound long-term stability under strong influence of media and high temperatures. These extreme temperature ranges are attained by our base oils that are made to very tight specifications. Our sophisticated production processes comprise several manufacturing steps and are subject to continuous quality control measures, enabling the manufacture of an extremely pure and homogeneous grease satisfying even the most stringent of quality requirements.

Influence of media

If direct contact between the lubricant and aggressive media cannot be avoided, lubricants have to offer particularly high resistance. This kind of chemical stability is found in the PFPE-based lubricants from Klüber Lubrication because of their specific structure and purity.

Sensitive materials

Sensitive materials

EPDM or NBR seal? Polar or homopolar polyethylene? 
These questions normally need to be answered when selecting a lubricant. When using PFPE-based lubricants, such considerations no longer matter. As you don’t have to resort to silicone oil, you are free to use the material combinations you prefer. Most PFPE-based lubricants are neutral towards customary plastics and elastomers.

Resistance to vacuum

A lubricant has to function reliably even in high or ultra-high vacuum conditions. Excessive evaporation losses lead to a higher risk of lubricant starvation and are detrimental to quality, due to abrasion and condensates. Vacuum-resistant PFPE lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication support sensitive manufacturing processes.

This is why our quality requirements are particularly stringent when selecting raw materials for our vacuum greases and oils as well as during manufacture of these lubricants. The narrow molecular weight distribution of the PFPE oils used keeps evaporation losses and vapour pressure very low.

High speeds, centrifugal forces

For fast-rotating bearings operating at high temperature or under the influence of media, PFPE lubricants may not sound like the obvious option since these products are not known for their high-speed characteristics. We have, however, developed a special product concept and succeeded in pushing the performance limits of our products considerably. It is our ample experience and our knowledge of which base materials and processes are instrumental in developing, testing and efficiently manufacturing a speciality lubricant that have made this specific solution possible.

Your benefits

  • Thermal stability
  • Chemical stability
  • Low vapor pressures
  • Plastic compatibility
  • Low toxicity

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