Machines and components in the spinning industry, works under very high stress.. With the increasing demand, the technology has improved and machine speeds has increased. With the increase in production, the loads on the components has also increased. Now, components need to work faster and in an efficient way. External factors like fabric dust, humidity and temperature variation also plays a role. Selecting the right lubricant is therefore paramount – for the initial lubrication of a component as well as for re-lubrication during operation. After all, it is the lubricant that is responsible for ensuring the reliable operation of each machine element.

High-performance speciality lubricant for spinning industry

- Blow room & Carding

- Drawing & Spinning

- Winding & Finishing

- Yarn conditioner

FZG four square gear oil tester


The extensive test equipment we operate at our headquarters in Munich is among the best in the industry. More than 120 different test rigs and test methods are used, providing a realistic and meaningful picture of nearly all of our products' uses and applications. Our analysis engineers cooperate closely with customers and will also perform specific tests requested by them.

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