Machine Component Lubricant
Sugar crushing mill Journal mill bearing Klüberlub OG-11 BH series
Cane carrier /
main bagasse carrier
Chain Links Klüberlub BE 41-1501
Cutter / leveller / fibrizer / ID /
FD fans
Pumps Bearing VARILUB PKS 2 N
Centrifuge Bearing Klübersynth UH1 14-151
Electrical motors Bearing Klüberplex BEM 41-132
Open gear drives Low-speed open gears Klüberlub OG-11 BH series
Enclosed gearboxes

Heavy-duty gear-boxes

Klüberoil G-1 series
Air compressors Screw Compressor Klüber Summit PS series

Maintenance produccts

Component Lubricant
Hydraulic systems Klüberfood 4 NH1 series
Water displacement fluid Klüberfood NH1 4 002 Spray
Automatic lubricant dispenser Klüberlub NH1 11 222 in STAR VARIO
Non-dripping chain lubricant Klüberoil 4 UH1 1500 N Spray

To know how speciality lubricants from Klüber Lubrication, provides value to our customers, read the customer stories at the end of the page.

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