Uninterrupted operations is the key to a profitable business in the spinning industry and ring frames which are considered as the heart of the complete spinning process is a vital machine element.

For smooth running of the ring frames a lot of small machine elements such as ring, traveler, spindles and more are required to work perfectly for a high quality product. Among these machine elements spindles play a pivotal role.

Most of the spindle oils that are currently available, off the shelf, are not specifically designed to lubricate all components in the spindle. For a quality end product, the spindle oil should properly lubricate the following components and arrest wear and tear of the components:

  • neck bearings
  • foot step bearing
  • spindle blade
  • springs and
  • radial bearing in the entire spindle assembly.

Apart from the component protection the spindle oil should be able provide enhanced corrosion protection, good air release and anti-foaming properties.

High performance spindle oil for complete protection of your spindles

To provide the best possible solution to the users Klüber Lubrication has developed Klüberoil FT 1-10 which is a premium quality spindle oil, formulated using high viscosity index - hydro-treated mineral base stocks and selected additives to enhance oxidation resistance and provide maximum protection against wear, corrosion and foaming.

Klüberoil FT 1-10 oil has been developed using the KlüberComp Lube Technology, which emphasize on four important aspects:

  1. Components – Consideration of all lubricated components i.e. Neck bearing, Foot bearing, Spring, Blade etc
  2. Composition – Lubricant formulations incorporating high-quality raw materials, which are e.g. resistant to ageing, free of heavy metals, and have lower residue formation
  3. Competence – Personal discussion and service
  4. Competitive – Maximum performance, standardised and application-specific testing under extreme test conditions

Klüberoil FT 1-10 provides good wear protection of spindle bearings which has been tested on FAG FE 8 rig ensuring a long service life of the lubricated components, thus significantly reducing the number of spindle failures, leading to lower maintenance and repair costs.

Klüberoil FT 1 -10 also fulfills the corrosion protection and aging requirements according DIN 51 517 p. 2 / DIN 51502 – CL, which ensures that the components inside the spindle such as springs and metal elements are lubricated and protected against corrosion.

The superb air release and anti-foam properties of Klüberoil FT 1-10 ensures adequate film thickness in the point of application. The optimized viscosity-temperature behaviour, provides a greater film thickness even at elevated temperatures.

The evaporation losses using Klüberoil FT 1-10 are minimal, which means less oil top-up, more stable operations and lower lubricant cost and more savings.

Klüberoil FT 1-10 : Delivering value to our customers

Spinning mills does not have same operative conditions. These operation parameters changes from one mill to other and the machine ambience changes from one region to another. Klüberoil FT 1-10 has been successfully running in more than 500 customers across India in different operating conditions and has been showing the high-performance results for which the product has been designed.

Customers from different regions and geographies has experienced the product and shared benefits, which re as follows:

  • excellent oil change over interval of 12 months
  • notable heat reduction on the spindle bottom
  • reduced down time of spinning mills for oil replenishment
  • no considerable change in oil discoloration
  • no decrease in viscosity after 12 months of usage
  • lesser fluff accumulation
  • good energy savings

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