Providing the right lubrication solution to all the machine elements in a textile industry is a challenge in itself. Differential speeds, humidity, temperature fluctuations and loads are just some of the challenges which are unavoidable. The top rollers of the ring frames is one such element where poor lubrication can result in the yarn quality to come down dramatically. The top rollers reduce the linear density and directly impacting the quality of yarn produced.

Providing the right lubrication ensures that the top rollers work uniformly and the linear density is maintained at the optimal and uniform level. The re-lubrication of the top roller is also a major challenge, it not only is a tedious time taking process but also calls for prolonged stoppage of the ring frame , which leads to higher downtimes which directly impacts the profitability of the spinning mills.

Higher presence of moisture in the atmosphere and suspended cotton fluff in the air also contribute to two major challenges for the top roller maintenance – High probability for corrosion and cotton fluff accumulation around the rollers if the lubricant oozes out of the rollers, which in turn affects the quality of the yarn produced.

Right lubricant for smooth and reliable operations

For a smooth and reliable operation of the top rollers it is important to choose the right lubricant not only protects the top roller against wear, corrosion, stable and uniform operation but also provides higher re-lubrication interval.

LMW HPG is a specialized grease designed specifically by Klüber Lubrication for long term lubrication of top and bottom rollers in spinning machines.  One of the key advantage of LMW HPG is the capability of the grease to provide uniform co-efficent friction which ensures that the lubricant will enable the top rollers to move uniformly providing the desired linear density for the yarn over long intervals without any manual intervention. This unique and formulation of LMW HPG also helps to prevent the lubricant from changing its property over long intervals providing users longer re-lubrication interval and also preventing lubricant to ooze out of the bearing preventing cotton fluff accumulation on the rollers.  The high corrosion protection additives used in the lubricant also ensure that the top rollers do not corrode even when exposed to high moisture content.

LMW HPG over the years have been a choice of lubricant for many spinning units across the world , users of the product have been able to achieve re-lubrication interval  as high as 30,000 to 50,000 operating hours on the top roller and  about 3,000 hours to 5000 hours of continuous operation on the bottom rollers.

Your benefits

  • Uniform yarn density due to consistent co-efficient of friction
  • Higher cost savings due to extended re-lubrication interval, lower consumption and reduced service cost
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Lower cotton fluff accumulation
  • Extended re-lubrication interval
  • Longer component life due to excellent wear protection
  • Less wear due to good pressure absorption properties
  • Recommended exclusively by leading OEM Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.

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