Lubricants for open gears and slip rings

Scuffing Wear
High scuffing load is the biggest challenge for open gears. Klueber products provide excellent scuffing protection with FZG > load stage 12 keeping your gear teeth free from wear and ensuring long life and trouble-free operation.

Adhesion to Surface
A big challenge with open gear lubrication is dripping away of lubricant from the tooth surface. This leads to insufficient lubrication and eventual wear. Further, black lubricants used to leave black stains on the tower and nacelle. The products offer good adhesion and do not drop from the tooth flanks, even in the vertical orientation. This reduces lubricant consumption, disposal and nacelle cleaning costs. The white color of Klueberplex AG 11-462 has a further advantage of leaving no stain on any surface.

Resistance to water and corrosion
The open gear lubricant is exposed to the environment and therefore has to be resistant to water washout as well as corrosion. Klueber products are tested for both and are proven to have excellent resistance to wash out and corrosion.

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