Lubricant for cold dip chain production

Klüberoil CA 1-320 BH

For many decades the wax solution has been the most effective lubricant in the manufacture of chains. Any chain, right from the timing chain in the automobile engine to the motorcycle drive chain, leaf chain and conveyor chain to industrial power transmission chain, corrosion-resistant chains, attachment, extended and hollow pin, O ring and Self Lube and tiller chains – require lubricants. And the chain lubrication process, which is elaborate and efficient, has so far been anything but smooth.

Klüber Lubrication melts down the wax
What is old today was once the best innovation; and when the innovation goes unchallenged for decades, it is most certainly an efficient one. The story of using melted wax to lubricate chains is an interesting one. Chain manufacturers use huge vats of 240 to 1000 litres to melt wax. These vats are connected to electrical heaters with circuit control to heat the wax indirectly through thermic fluids. An approximate temperature of 70 to 80 deg C is maintained in the tanks to keep the wax in its molten state. Chains, ready for lubrication, are then hung on stands and dipped into the tanks of molten wax for 30 to 45 minutes. They are then taken out, drained and hung out to dry where the wax solidifies and forms a layer over the chains. From here, the chains are packed and dispatched.

What is lost in the heat of it all!
Wax lubrication, though efficient is an extreme process. In addition to being manpower intensive and the heated environs and fumes being very demanding on the human physique, the process leads to rather wasteful consumption of resources. For instance, wax dripping down the drying tray cannot be reused and loss of wax due to evaporation has never been accounted for; not to mention that each tank uses up 125 units of electricity to stay heated for 16 hours a day. Beyond all this is the environmental and health impact of the fumes generated in the wax chambers, and the residue (that amounts to about 30% of tank capacity) scrapped when the vats are cleaned every six months.

Klüberoil CA 1-320 BH redefines the entire process
Klüber is the expert in the lubrication of a wide variety of technically complex systems.
The Company’s strategy along the value chain is to provide innovative solutions that help customers achieve their goals while at the same time conserving resources. Klüberoil CA 1-320 BH chain lubricant was developed and tested in collaboration with one of India’s largest chain manufacturers. The results were astounding and the advantages absolutely smooth-flowing, achieved through an effective spray lubrication process.

The new Klüberoil CA 1-320 BH, developed to match the specific needs of our customer, successfully meets these challenges. This product can be sprayed onto the chain links in a continuous production process. Alternatively, the customer has the option to apply it through a cold-dip process. The possibility of having a continuous production of the chains makes it a game-changing innovation for the chain manufacturing industry. Since the wax-based lubricant is replaced, wastage of wax due to evaporation, draining and residue is no longer valid. Toxic fumes have cleared, the premises are clean and the operators breathe healthy air. The automation process has brought down manpower requirements in the production line and reduced energy use and overall consumption of lubricant.

Tried, tested, trusted
At Klüber Lubrication nothing is left to chance. Every product is tried, tested and verified at the collaborator’s premises as per their requirements before it is finally commissioned for commercial use. The Klüberoil CA 1-320 BH Lubricant has also passed stringent industry tests and proved itself miles ahead of traditional chain lubricants in terms of innovation and efficacy.

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