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    Blow Room

Trolley wheel bearings CENTOPLEX GLP 202 BH
Cover belt drum bearings
Plucking roller bearings
Vario clean beater shaft bearing
Unimix lattice top roller
Traverse guide greasing in baleplucker
Cam roller in bale plucker
Lifting shaft bearings
Vario clean waste gear box Klüberoil GEM 1-220 N
Unimix feed roller gear motor
Turning motor gear box
Unimix sew gear motors
Belt motor gear box
Lifting motor gear box
Area Application area Product
     Carding Chute delivery roller


Klüberplex BEM 41-132

Feed roller bearing
Licker in bearing
Cylinder bearing
Re-direct roller bearing
Brush roller bearing
Crush roller bearing
Bottom calendar roller assembly         
Doffer bearing greasing LMW HPG
Coiler gear box oil change Klüberoil GEM 1-220 N
Bottom calendar roller assembly
Flats drive - cyclo speed reducer Klübersynth GH 6-320 
Card can changer gear box Klüberoil GEM 1-220 N
Card feed roller gear box Klüberoil GEM 1-680 N
Web doffing delivery motor CENTOPLEX GLP 200-000 BH
Can plate bearing Klüberplex BEM 41-132

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