Lubricants an integral part of electric parking brake system

With comfort and efficiency being a key focus in the auto industry the brake by cable parking brakes are slowly giving way to electric parking brakes.

With this shift in the parking brake system, there is more space in the cabin to accommodate more feature and the effort of parking has also reduced drastically. This change in technology also puts in new requirements on the lubrication of the components in the parking brake system.

The lubricant has to provide excellent wear protection on the gears used in the parking brake system and at the same time also operate at lower and higher operating temperatures. As one of the critical component used in the electric parking brakes is made of EPDM material, the lubricants should have excellent compatibility with EPDM to ensure neither swelling of shrinking of components, which might lead to component failure over a period of time.

Klüber Lubrication, a world market leader in specialty lubricants has been successful at developing and testing the new range of lubricants that meet these stringent requirements. The Klübersynth LRG 86-21 and the Klübersynth LRG 46-21 have been successfully able to deliver optimal lubrication for the electric parking brakes. These greases are developed from a PTFE and polyglycol oil composition, which provide extremely low co-efficient of friction and excellent EPDM compatibility. These greases also meet the stringent -40 Deg C to 120 Deg C temperature requirement making it reliable for use in extreme weather conditions.

Major brake manufacturers around the world have been successful using the products Klübersynth LRG 86-21 and the Klübersynth LRG 46-21 for the manufacturing of the electric parking brakes, making these electric brakes more reliable and long lasting than the past.

"We are very happy to be one the first movers in the industry to have successfully solved the lubrication requirements for electric parking brakes. We have not only met the lubrication requirements but also successfully passed the life time requirement of such a critical component in the car." says Hitendra Bhargava, CEO Klüber Lubrication India Pvt Ltd.

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