Inadequate lubrication is the most common reason for bearing and industrial gearbox failures; most cement plant applications requiring lubrication offer great potential to increase reliability and energy efficiency, along with improved total cost of ownership, through high-performance lubricants. Lubricants by Klüber Lubrication for the cement industry help you to optimise the performance of the key lubrication points across your entire plant.

Your cement manufacturing operation is a continuous 24/7 process where downtime is never acceptable. With climbing energy prices, any kiln stop and temperature loss is increasingly expensive to recover. Additionally, some major, custom parts such as girth gears can take months to replace, at huge expense, if they fail.

Our lubricants for the cement industry bring you peace of mind with their high performance in extreme environments, and superior protection against wear or machine failure. We are your one-stop supplier for all applications where lubricants can optimise reliability and profits.

The breadth and depth of our OEM-approved lubricant portfolio is complemented by our unique service offering and specialist team of directly-employed service engineers of whom many have served the cement industry for decades.

Our service offering encompasses close-knit partnerships with world-leading service providers – including NOVEXA who specialises in girth gear reprofiling at market leading accuracy, and DALOG, experts in remote online condition monitoring for predictive and proactive maintenance.

Overall, our lubrication solution means that you can enjoy the benefits of best-in-class lubricants – higher reliability and availability, lower costs, and better energy efficiency – with minimal direct involvement in the lubrication process.

  • ✔    One-stop supplier for all applications where lubricants can optimise reliability and TCO

  • ✔    Fast response from global team of directly employed cement service engineers

  • ✔    Superior lubricant performance and quality backed up by benchmark data. Others claim. We prove.

  • ✔    Unique offer to realise and prove electricity cost savings of $50,000-$350,000 per plant with energy efficient lubricants

  • ✔    Close-knit partnerships giving you end-to-end support to optimise reliability

  • ✔    Unique combination of lubricants and online machine monitoring to help you achieve the next stage of predictive maintenance

How our lubricants make a difference

Open gear lubrication for kilns and mills: Our transparent, high-viscous open gear lubricants are superior to black, graphite-containing or asphaltic lubricants as they offer better wear protection, a cleaner operation and allow significant volume reductions resulting in cost savings. Our recently introduced, highest performing open gear lubrication technologies include a white open gear lubricant with “white solid integrated base fluid” and a lubricant offering the highest viscosity at 100°C available on the market. Not sure what technology fits your needs best? Let us guide you.

Kiln tyre lubricants: Special lubricants for application between kiln riding ring and kiln shell ensure adequate creep and can thus be applied much more reliably than conventional lubricant bars. We offer different spray guns, which help to apply lubricants accurately and safely. Learn more.

Bearing lubricants: Our lubricants for large, heavily loaded, slow-running bearings in kilns, mills, and crushers offer industry-leading wear protection, often times lower consumption levels and extended lifetime than conventional lubricants. High-performance lubricants for bearings of separators, electric motors, conveyors or fans offer up to 4-5 times longer relubrication intervals, which means less work for your maintenance team and a reduction of lubricant consumption. Lubricants with excellent thermal stability offer effective solutions for high-temperature applications. Our multi-purpose greases allow operators to consolidate the number of greases used throughout the cement plant to a minimum whilst improving wear protection and lubricant lifetime.

Energy efficient gear oils for enclosed gearboxes: Replacing conventional mineral gear oils with energy efficient lubricants can yield energy savings and CO2 reduction of up to 3–6 %. This translates into significant electricity cost savings in key applications like mills which account for up to 60 % of a cement plant's electricity consumption. We are the only lubricant partner that can reliably prove the savings of our gear oils in the field and we offer energy performance contracts to make sure you get what you pay for.

Energy efficient, synthetic gear oils also allow the lube exchange interval to be extended by a factor of 3-5, resulting in less lubricant waste and work for your maintenance team. Many performance advantages such as better micro-pitting resistance, higher wear protection or better energy efficiency can be realised compared to other synthetic oils on the market. Our gear oils are also approved by all major OEMs such as FLENDER, MAAG, SEW, CMD, David Brown Santasalo, Rexnord/Falk or China Transmission Group.

Compressor lubricants: Synthetic oils offer a significantly longer lifetime and energy savings resulting in cost savings. They also cause less shutdowns due to less overheating of your compressors. Utilise our expertise and decades of experience in lubricating air, CO2 and hydrogen compressors to ensure reliable operation of your equipment.

Other applications: Our lubricants for couplings, seals, chains or multi-purpose applications all have one thing in common: They help to increase reliability, reduce maintenance work and total costs compared with standard lubricants. Smart lubricant formulations help you to consolidate the number of different lubricants used on site without sacrificing performance.

We are there for you when you need us

Successful lubrication depends not only on having the best lubricants, but also on applying and monitoring them effectively. With a network of more than 50 cement industry specialists operating out of 35 subsidiaries and through well trained channel partners, we have the resources to ensure your peace of mind; we keep your plant running reliably, while significantly reducing costs and energy consumption.

Our strong partnerships allow us to offer unique end-to-end solutions to maximise reliability and prevent failures. No need to research and coordinate multiple partners - we integrate them into a single resource dedicated to your requirements. Learn more here.


On site

Our relationship is directly with you, and all our highly experienced specialist service engineers are employed by us and trained in-house. They work shoulder-to-shoulder with you on any routine or emergency issue until its successful resolution.

Tasks typically include open gear inspections, reconditioning, run-ins and cleaning. Also, through our partnership with NOVEXA, we can perform high-precision girth gear reprofiling, which can save you reversing or replacing a damaged girth gear. Using open gear lubricants from the Klüberfluid C-F Ultra Series gives you access to NOVEXA's extended warranty after a reprofiling intervention.

We also perform oil and grease analyses to assess lubricant condition and carry out plant surveys, auditing all lubrication points to consolidate and optimise lubricant use. This can include machine lube point labelling and creating re-lubrication interval guidelines. Additionally, we offer lubrication and lubrication management training.

Our cloud based Efficiency Manager tool gives you access to important information such as open gear inspection reports, lubricant condition analysis results or machine monitoring data and allows you to perform trend analyses.


Our teams are equipped with augmented reality technology such as smart glasses that allow our experts to support you remotely or include remote members of your team for important inspections of your equipment.

Our remote condition monitoring services capture data and analyse machine conditions such as load, vibration, temperatures or spray system functionality to support predictive and proactive maintenance strategies. We offer these digital solutions through our partnership with DALOG, and will continue rolling out additional remote services to constantly improve your process visibility and control. Learn more about our virtual inspection and remote condition monitoring here.

Reduce carbon emissions and cut electricity costs


Our energy efficient lubricants help to reduce electricity consumption, cost and CO2 emissions in gearboxes, compressors, and open gears, used by complex machines such as mills and kilns within the cement industry.

We have a unique ability to measure, quantify and prove the energy savings we achieve. We follow IPMVP standards and are TÜV Süd certified. For example, lubricants by Klüber Lubrication can help to reduce plant electricity costs by up to US$350,000 and reduce CO2 emissions by up to thousands of tons per year.

Get direct access to our local cement experts, and our on-site support will solve your lubrication issues quickly, with three easy steps:

1.  Contact one of our regional cement industry experts: 

2.  We will connect you with our local cement expert in your territory

3.  Receive the support you are seeking, with an on-site or remote engineer visit if needed

Don’t let your questions go unanswered – reach out to us now! Let us take care of your lubrication, so you can focus on cement production.

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