For long service life under extreme conditions

Harsh conditions for people and equipment prevail at sea and in port: extreme temperatures, salt water and wind, heavy loads, and high mechanical loads. This is where specialty lubricants come to the fore. They enable long maintenance intervals, protect against wear, and contribute to longer life of ship components, port facilities and harbour cranes. At the same time, environmental compatibility, marine energy efficiency and low operating costs are increasingly important factors in the selection of lubricants for the maritime industry.

As a partner to the industry, Klüber Lubrication develops and produces specialty lubricants that optimally combine extremely high performance and environmental protection.

Specialty lubricants for cranes and port facilities

Seawater, rain and high humidity accelerate the corrosion of port facilities and harbour cranes, while cables, winches and gears are exposed to strong forces from wind, waves and tides. Extremely high reliability is required in this situation. Every outage leads to complicated rescheduling and incurs high costs. Klüber Lubrication therefore develops specialty lubricants precisely matched to the demands of ports and locks. They improve performance and efficiency, contribute to safety, and improve sustainability thanks to stringent environmental standards.

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Specialty lubricants for shipping

Freight and passenger ships are often at sea for weeks or months, withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions, and place extremely high demands on people and equipment. Specialty lubricants are optimally aligned to the shipboard applications, protect against corrosion and wear, and improve the overall efficiency of gears, rudders and propellers. Stern tube oil, cable grease and gear oil from Klüber Lubrication share a focus on uncompromising performance, cost optimisation and extremely high standards for environmental protection and safety. Learn more...


Are you interested in our special lubricants for the marine industry, especially for seagoing vessels? Please contact our partner Wilhelmsen Ship Service.
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Lubricants for the marine industry

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Speciality lubricants from Klüber Lubrication, the benchmark for the marine industry.

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