A proven solution for tire / riding ring lubrication

WOLFRACOAT C FLUID kiln tire lubricant and ss.Lubac Ring Star spraying device for precise and safe lubrication of the inner surfaces of riding rings at rotary kilns

WOLFRACOAT C FLUID kiln tire lubricant and ss.Lubac Ring Star spraying device for precise and safe lubrication of the inner surfaces of riding rings at rotary kilns

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A perfect match: WOLFRACOAT C FLUID and ss.LUBAC Ring Star

Rotary kilns in the cement industry and in industrial sectors such as the refractory industry, pulp production or the chemical industry are usually in operation every day, 24 hours and are exposed to extreme conditions with temperatures of up to 400 ° C shell temperature. They have to be serviced regularly by maintenance staff.

A major challenge for maintenance staff is the manual application of the lubricant in the gap between shell and tire and tire and brackets. High temperatures and the rotating kiln are a significant potential risk. In addition, the lubricant should be applied in a sufficient quantity, precisely and in exactly the right place to prevent contamination of the system.

WOLFRACOAT C FLUID kiln tire lubricant offers users a reliable corrosion protection and separating film, reducing friction between the surfaces, thus increasing component life.

With ss.Lubac Ring Star spraying device, WOLFRACOAT C FLUID is applied precisely, in the right quantity and from a safe distance. The base fluid evaporates from approx. 200 °C and leaves an even film of solid lubricants separating the friction surfaces (dry lubrication).

A team that works in perfect synergy!

Benefit from:

  • Precise lubricant application: The ss.LUBAC Ring Star, which is matched to WOLFRACOAT C FLUID, enables the lubricant to be applied with a precise "shot" from a safe distance.
  • The amount of lubricant is properly dosed.
  • Prevention of occupational accidents - safe for employees as application is done from a safe distance.
  • No contamination in the area surrounding the rotary kiln.
  • Sustainable use of lubricants.
  • Optimal use of WOLFRACOAT C FLUID kiln tire lubricant, one of the leading products for this application.


Thomas W. Schulz, Managing Director of ss.LUBAC in Bad Ischl, Austria:
"During development, we incorporated all the suggestions of the experts from the cement plants. We were also in close contact with Klüber Lubrication. It was clear from the very beginning that our solution had to be in functional harmony with WOLFRACOAT C FLUID, as this lubricant is known as one of the leading products for this application on the world market."

Precise, safe and exactly dosed - the ss.LUBAC Ring Star spraying devices

Whether with the "ss.LUBAC Ring Star lubricant gun" or the fully automatic, stationary "Automatic Ring Star", with both spraying devices the lubricant can be applied precisely to the difficult-to-reach lubrication points. A proven solution among experts in the cement industry.

Christian Wörgötter, Head of Plant Management and Maintenance of the Zementwerk LEUBE GmbH, explains: "The ss. LUBAC Ring Star lubricating gun has been in use at LEUBE for several years. ss.LUBAC as well as Klüber Lubrication supported us during the implementation. Directly at the rotary kiln installed is the automatic filling station and at each riding ring is a connection to the compressed air system. We prefer the manual version of the Ring Star because the maintenance staff can make service inspections on the rotary kiln at the same time."

Our distributors:

Lukas Schulz
mail: office@sslubac.com

For Germany:
Ralf Kluschewski 
mail: rk@lubrimatik.de

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