1966-1996: Integration in the Freudenberg Group, special challenges and records: Klüber Lubrication attains one of the leading positions on the world market.

Klüber Lubrication and Freudenberg: Bringing together what goes together

New technologies and innovations need optimally tailored specialty lubricants: Guided by this maxim and in close cooperation with leading companies from all sectors of industry, Klüber Lubrication develops highly efficient solutions – back then as well as now. With this in mind, Theodor Klüber and Richard Freudenberg, the managing director of the company of the same name, the worldwide market leader in seals, were both equally inspired by the idea of bringing both companies together. On a personal level as well, the two committed democrats and pacifists were close. As a result, Theodor Klüber, who himself was without heirs, found an optimum succession arrangement for his company. On 9 August 1966 the take-over is agreed.

BARRIERTA lubricants, when things get hot!

Over the following years Klüber Lubrication plays a pioneering role in the development of specialty lubricants for a whole range of applications and achieves enormous progress in terms of performance. 1967 sees Klüber Lubrication launch the BARRIERTA brand for high-temperature lubricants on the basis of fully fluorinated oils. They last far longer than former lubricants and enable engineers to develop completely new designs thanks to their long-term stability. These lubricants continue to be indispensable in numerous sectors of industry, such as the automotive industry, for example, right up to the present day.

Testing and trials under extreme conditions

To meet the highest requirements, Klüber Lubrication tests its products in special test facilities and under the toughest conditions. The company set up a test laboratory with 20 test rigs for the purpose back in 1979. This has now grown to its current size of over 550 square metres with more than 110 test rigs – many of them geared to customer-specific requirements. Klüber Lubrication now operates its own development centrese on four continents.

Time and time again Klüber Lubrication puts its specialty lubricants through extra special tests in attempts at record-making. For example, with the extremely light and resistant ISOFLEX TOPAS NB52, which kept the wheel bearings of the rocket-powered vehicle Thrust2 from tearing when the land vehicle speed record was set in 1983.

For the Paris-Dakar rally Klüber Lubrication puts up its own team and tests specialty lubricants for the gearbox over the 14,000 kilometres through the desert. With success: the two Unimogs of the Klüber Capito team win the prestigious race in 1985.

A special solution is developed by Klüber Lubrication for low-noise roller bearing lubrication in 1992: the ASONIC lubricating grease is so pure that no solid contents were identified in tests according to DIN 51 813. A stricter process had to be developed in order to be able to prove the three times higher purity, which not only guarantees extremely quiet running, but also the highest running precision and minimal wear.

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