The pulp and paper industry today is facing major price pressure challenges: these come from international competition, reduction in print paper demand, rising energy costs and stricter regulation in some countries.

As the paper industry seeks to improve competitiveness in this environment, the machines it uses in diversified processes and varying operating conditions must achieve maximum efficiency and performance. Examples of these critical machines are the yankee dryer in tissue production, the soot blower in pulp production and the corrugated roller bearing in cardboard production – just to name a few. Additionally, traditional pulp and paper makers need to increase their cost-effectiveness and productivity. One way of improving performance and cutting costs is to switch to specialty lubricants. This only needs a small investment, yet it can bring far-reaching benefits. Our specialty lubricants meet the toughest requirements and are used and approved by many machine manufacturers (OEMs) and component suppliers.

Precisely tailored lubricants matched to your application

At Klüber Lubrication, we have developed the right specialty lubricants for all your pulp and paper applications - including the large open gears in pulp production and the roller bearings at the wet end or dry end of your paper plant or paper mill, as well as gears and electric motor bearings for pumps or fan motors. Our specialty lubricants for paper plants also help to lubricate the roller bearings of your cardboard corrugator, or the disk cutter at its output. We have particular expertise in hygienic paper production, and H1-compliant corrugated cardboard for food products like pizza boxes.

The right specialty lubricants for your paper production

During paper production, the pulp is cooked in water at the wet end at a high temperature, which creates a humid, steamy, extreme-temperature environment. The dry end also features high temperatures, as the product is heated, ironed, and dried to create paper. These processes create particles which clog the roller bearings. Our lubricants meet tough requirements in both the wet and the dry section. They can handle heavy impact from moisture and other media, high loads, varying speeds, and high temperatures in the dry section. Pumpability in centralised lubricating systems and single-point application by means of lubricant dispensers are also important benefits.


Discover how Essity, a leading UK paper manufacturer, improved their lubrication process and reduced maintenance tasks by implementing a world-class lubrication program.

Specialty lubricant solutions for H1-registered food-grade products

If you are involved in hygienic tissue paper or toilet paper manufacturing process, or corrugated cardboard production for food items, like pizza boxes, you require appropriate certification for certain parts of the production process. Our solution comprises a single product family for the highest food safety along with international certification. It includes greases based on PFPE oils, and NSF H1-registered products, plus ISO 21469, Kosher and Halal approvals. Energy consumption is reduced, maintenance intervals are extended, and spare inventory costs are reduced services we deliver in our customers' plants, we have first-hand knowledge of your equipment and requirements. This enables us to develop speciality products like transparent adhesive lubricants for easy inspection of your machines and extended service life of your components. For lubrication points which are difficult to access, our Klübermatic lubricant dispensers ensure reliable metering of the required quantity directly to the application point without additional maintenance effort.

Overcoming pulp production difficulties

Pulp production processes employ large open gears, and their operation is impaired by debris and dirt build-up – yet clean operation must be maintained. Klüber Lubrication offers transparent open gear lubricant products that allow more accurate checking of lubricant film formation, more precise inspection, and extremely clean tooth flanks. They also offer improved adhesion behaviour, better vibration damping, and decreased tooth temperatures. The products are also sustainable as they are clean, environmentally-friendly, and consumed in lower quantities.

Maintaining production rates at corrugated cardboard factories

Producing corrugated cardboard involves gluing paper sheets together, with corrugated roller bearings being heated to 200 °C. Lubricants must be steam and moisture resistant and, for food applications, H1 compliant. We offer lubrication products for corrugated cardboard factories including special PFPE-based lubricating greases and other high-temperature oils which protect against corrosion and wear even at temperatures above 200 °C and other extreme operating conditions, extending maintenance intervals of your steam-heated corrugating roller and preheating rolls. The process finishes with disk cutting; problems can arise as glue builds up on the disks. However, appropriate specialty lubricants for paper production will stop this build-up and keep the disk clean and cool: this reduces friction and unwanted heating in the blade.

For which application do you need the right high-performance lubricant?

Top quality, reliability and innovation – that is what Klüber Lubrication stands for. We are your competent partner for all aspects of reliable lubrication for the paper industry. Are you looking for exactly the right specialty lubricant for your paper mill or paper plant? Be it paper pulp production, corrugated cardboard production or toilet paper production: Do you have questions or do you need advice on a special solution? We will be glad to help you – talk with our specialists about your project!

At a glance: specialty lubricants for the pulp and paper industry

  • Reducing costs and boosting productivity: Upgrading to our specialty lubricants in your paper plant brings multiple cost-reduction opportunities. For example, replacement and maintenance costs are reduced.
  • Lower lubricant consumption: Further cost savings arise, and sustainability is improved, through reduced lubricant consumption.
  • Energy efficiency: Klüber Lubrication specialty lubricants do not only provide excellent load-carrying capacity, but help to save energy through lower friction in your paper manufacturing process.
  • Higher resistance: Our specialty lubricants for the paper industry offer a high resistance to aggressive media even at temperatures up to 200 °C. They can handle heavy impact from moisture, high loads and varying speeds. 
  • Compliance: Specialty lubricants for the pulp and paper production process from Klüber Lubrication comply with various international requirements, e.g. those for NSF H1 registration.

Here you find a product selection of all sub segments for the paper industry

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