1946-1965: Rebuilding, specialisation and success beyond national borders

Specialty lubricants from Theodor Klüber: Continuation of the success story

The post-war period is dominated by the rebuilding of his company. Theodor Klüber continues to be driven by his vision of optimum lubricants for a wide range of applications. In 1950 he starts producing the first specialty lubricants, launching them on the market with great success. In 1955 he decides to concentrate fully and exclusively on the development, production and sale of specialty lubricants. Again, the pioneer pursues new avenues, places value on close contact with his customers and develops solutions for special challenges. Instead of independent sales representatives he decides to count on permanent employees, and instead of tank truck deliveries he opts for the sale of smaller amounts of high-quality products. And here he has his finger right on the pulse of the market.

The first subsidiaries abroad and a new name for the company

With the “Société Belge – Klüber Lubrication SPRL”, Theodor Klüber founds the first subsidiary abroad in 1958. Under the brand name of Klüber Lubrication his products have already been well known beyond the borders of Germany for some time. So it is a logical step when the company changes its name to Klüber Lubrication GmbH München KG in March 1959. In Austria, Klüber Lubrication founds another production company in 1962 and continues its international growth in the process.

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