There's one thing machines and installations in the glass industry have to do more than anything else: run reliably. This is why high-performance lubricants play an important role in this sector.

Our speciality lubricants help you attain significant advantages for your production such as longer relubrication intervals, wear protection and the prevention of unplanned downtime. 

The reliable operation of production installations does not come automatically - quite often it is a matter of the right lubricant being used. After all, the oils used in the glass industry have to remain stable at up to 220 °C; even tiny residues may impair the function of a machine. In IS machines alone, between 300 and 600 different friction points have to be supplied via the centralised lubricating system, e.g. on grippers, mould holding devices, feeders or gob distributors.

Opting for our synthetic speciality lubricants is an investment that will certainly pay off for you. The high-performance oils and greases we have developed for the glass industry are leading products on the market. They help you extend relubrication intervals and consequently reduce lubricant consumption significantly. This works even for critical machine parts such as plungers or neck rings, bearings at the hot end or in the annealing furnace. This is why renowned OEMs recommend our lubricants to be used from the start.

High-performance H1 lubricants for the cold end

If you have to make sure your glass products are manufactured in a food-safe way, we offer you a range of high-performance speciality lubricants with NSF H1 registration and certified according to ISO 21469. We will also provide advice as to where food-safe lubricants are useful.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Better wear protection
  • High lubricant performance enabling longer relubrication intervals
  • Higher reliability and longer service life of lubricated parts
  • Less cleaning required thanks to minimised residue formation
  • Reduction of spare parts and maintenance costs

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