Klübertop TH 07 Komponente B

Article-No: 099232

Klübertop TH 07 component B has been developed as a hardener for our NMP-NEP-free, thermosetting, two-component bonded coatings (e.g. Klübertop TP 47-391 A/B Comp. A or Klübertop TP 48-311 A/B comp. A). The performance of the bonded coating can be tailored to your requirements by adjusting the mixing ratio: With a higher portion of component B, thicker (bubble-free) layers, increased media resistance and a slightly better adhesion and flexibility can be achieved.

Klübertop TH 07 Komponente B

Benefits for your application

  • Free of NMP/NEP

  • Higher layer thicknesses possible

  • Improved media resistance

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