Remote Expert is a new innovative service from Klüber Lubrication. With Microsoft HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition we connect with you immediately and effectively across any geographical distance. In your individual responsible position you receive expert guidance in real time. Various highly qualified experts from all over the world see what you see and can support you via a mixed-reality application with holographic step-by-step instructions. With Remote Expert we offer you assistance when you need it and you can quickly access our global experts and resources.


We know that having the right lubricant is just one key element of your operation. You also need to apply it correctly and have optimal machine conditions for efficient production. That’s why Klüber Lubrication supports you with know-how and a broad service portfolio including lubrication best practices, equipment inspections or plant audits.

But what happens when you have a production problem or need a recommendation that cannot wait for our service experts to arrive onsite? With our new Remote Expert service, you receive support faster than ever before and benefit from our global expertise.

Solve your problems through remote support

How? With Microsoft HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition we connect with you immediately and effectively across any geographical distance. A real-time view and mixed-reality application allow our experts to see what you see and to give step-by-step holographic instructions and recommendations.

Who? Our experts interact directly with a customer representative or with other Klüber Lubrication colleagues who are currently on the customer’s site. You benefit from the immediate and direct knowledge exchange with our specialists regardless their location.

When? Remote Expert is not a substitute for regular in-person visits. But this added benefit removes the boundaries of time and travel – and other restrictions like areas restricted to outside visitors or unplanned shutdowns – so that you have fast responses, fast analysis, and fast solutions. We’ve got you covered even if we can’t be physically on site.

This is how Remote Expert works


Watch the explanation video

These commercial operations took advantage of faster solutions

Industry: Wind

The job: A Klüber Lubrication expert did service work in a wind turbine while connected with the customer’s engineers located in another country.

Industry: Mining

The job: Restrictions to the site made a virtual inspection necessary. Our experts were able to inspect mobile equipment and analyze critical lubrication objects online.

Industry: Cement and mining

The job: Travel restrictions made it necessary to remotely inspect the open gears of a ball mill and kiln. An open-gear specialist from Klüber Lubrication guided the customer’s maintenance engineer through a remote visual inspection.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Get solutions when you need them, not bound by travel, time and site restrictions
  • Access to global experts and resources
  • Smoother operations with less downtime
  • Get more from in-person site visits when sales and service engineers share live insights with application experts

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