The ultimate food-grade grease

An innovative polyurea-based lubricant, perfected for the food industry. Providing optimal machine performance, safer food and pharmaceutical plants and no compromise.

1. Non food-grade OEM grease

  • Benefit: The motors last longer and perform better.
  • Risk: Non-compliance within the plant.

​​​​2. Food-grade grease not designed for electric motors

  • Benefit: No risk of contamination.
  • Risk: Increased relubrication intervals and potential grease incompatibility leading to bearing failure. 

Klüberfood NH1 72-132

  • A fully synthetic polyurea grease that – in combination with excellent wear protection – extends maintenance intervals
  • Designed for long-term lubrication of ball and roller bearings
  • Suited for tough requirements of common food-processing and pharmaceutical machines, like: electric motors, ventilators, fans, centrifuges, and decanters
  • NSF H1 registered


  • Halal and Kosher certified
  • Packaged in our NSF ISO 21469 Certified facility
  • Identical – or better – in performance when compared to the market’s typical polyurea motor-bearing greases
  • Compatible with typical polyurea-thickened grease
  • Diverse: has a wide service temperature range
  • Outstanding in shear stability

Results that speak for themselves

FE9 Test Results at 180 °C

Klüberfood NH1 72-132 does not require compromise. When tested against typical (non-food grade) polyurea motor-bearing greases on the market, it performs as well or better on all major performance metrics. You don’t have to compromise performance to be food-safety compliant.

  • Optimal machine performance
  • Safer food plant
  • No compromise

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