The location of wind turbines intentionally in extreme conditions puts the highest demands on bearings, gears and their lubricants. Operators of wind power plantsneed speciality lubricants which perform reliably, protect components and provide extended maintenance intervals.

There are few other industries where demands on the gears and bearings are as high as in the wind power sector. For example, gears in wind turbines transmit huge torques of up to 5 MNm. Components are exposed to all kinds of environmental influences. and may operate at different speeds to those originally planned. Selecting the ideal lubricants for a wind turbine can prove a significant challenge, demanding a clear picture of the overall operating conditions, including local wind distribution and the operating mode.

High-performance speciality lubricants for gears operating under high loads

Our experts advise you on the selection of the right lubricant while taking into consideration all critical issues like micropitting resistance as well as foam and residue formation in gear boxes. For extended service life of your installation we also offer gear oils showing particularly low friction coefficients, high ageing resistance and load-carrying capacity. The gear oil additives remain in the lubricant even when the finest filters are used.

Our innovation: A single grease for all bearings

Wind power plant operators may have inventory issues as many bearing manufacturers recommend different lubricants for each bearing. We developed Klüberplex BEM 41-141, a single lubricating grease for the main, generator, yaw and rotor blade bearings, which outperformed all the other greases compared in standardised tests. This makes lubricant purchasing, logistics and storage much easier for you. Using our special lubricants provides you with the scope for extending relubrication and maintenance intervals even under unfavourable conditions.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reducing production costs by using speciality lubricants
  • Higher efficiency and longer service life
  • High load-bearing capacity and thermal stability of our lubricants
  • Extended maintenance intervals and relubrication cycles
  • No mixing up of lubricants and only one grease for maintenance simplifying logistics

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