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The high seas bring unique challenges to vessels and crews. The gear works, and the crew works harder to get the job done. Pairing a lubricant that can stand up to these requirements is one less thing to worry about on the water. Klüber Lubrication will tailor products to fit each vessel’s needs – food grade, biodegradable, high performance, or cost-sensitive. Since there is so much riding on the equipment, protecting the longevity is of utmost importance.

Smooth winching

Navigating the vast ocean presents formidable challenges for winching operations. The harsh marine environment, characterized by saltwater, waves, and extreme weather, demands robust winch designs and corrosion-resistant materials. Additionally, dynamic loads—varying forces experienced during ship operations—require winches that can handle fluctuations safely. By combining engineering expertise, technological innovation and the best possible lubricant, winches continue to play a vital role in keeping our oceans navigable and maritime operations secure.

Klüberplex BEM 41-301

Special lubricating grease for rolling bearings subject to high loads, low speeds and vibrations.

  • Longer service life of rotor bearings due to good wear protection characteristics, also under vibrations and oscillations
  • Low frictional resistance and reduced component temperature due to excellent lubricity
  • Increased operational reliability of installations due to excellent corrosion protection
  • Trouble-free operation due to good pumbability and metering via centralised lubrication systems 

Klüberplex AG 11-461 & 462

White operating and priming lubricants

  • Low contamination of machine environment due to use of white solid lubricants and low lubricant consumption
  • Very good adhesion even at low temperatures
  • Product streamlining possible as the product is suitable for gear rim / pinion drives and bearings
  • Very good corrosion protection also when exposed to salt water
  • Less wear due to selected solid lubricants and additives
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Food Grade, naturally


Food safety is a critical factor for your success. Contamination of your products is not only costly, but can also endanger the health of consumers, leading to significant loss of reputation. An often overlooked, but very effective, approach to maintain food safety is to use high-quality, food grade lubricants.

Our six ISO 21469 certified locations worldwide ensure the continuous production and global supply of H1 lubricants are compliant with the strictest requirements. Klüber Lubrication is one of the first companies in Europe to receive ISO 21469 certification, and the first in North America. Furthermore, many of our products are also halal or kosher certified.

Reliable bearings at sea


High temperature, heavy duty long term rolling bearing grease.

The Klübersynth BEM 44-222 US and Klübersynth BEM 44-461 US are heavy duty greases base on a high viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon oil and special lithium complex soap. EP/AW additives ensure optimum resistance to oxidation, wear and corrosion. The Klübersynth BEM 44 Series is also very resistant to high temperatures, provides good functional reliability and ensures a long service life.

Klübersynth BEM 44-222 US and Klübersynth BEM 44-461 US are suitable for long-term and lifetime lubrication of rolling bearings in a service temperature range between -30 to 150°C.

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation, wear and corrosion
  • Available in Klübermatics and wide variety of pack sizes
  • Good high temperature behavior
  • Discover our custom-fit solutions for more than food safety.

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