Extreme conditions found in the chemical industry require special solutions, be it for cooling towers, loading arms or heat transfer systems. Specialty lubricants for the chemical industry help to increase the availability of production equipment, provide additional protection to assets and allow extended service life of mechanical components. They are designed to withstand high pressures, vacuum conditions, cryogenic environments, extreme temperatures and aggressive media. In addition, lubricants from Klüber Lubrication can bring energy savings and even increase the safety of operations. Many chemical processes involve gases of varying compositions, which can incur a risk of interference or reaction with the lubricant. Klüber Lubrication analyses your application and its specific requirements in order to provide you with competent advice for the selection of the right specialty lubricant.

  • Safety at work

    Avoid risk of fires and explosion by using the right lubricant for your application. Our PFPE greases bring maximum safety in processes using oxygen.

  • Cost savings

    Achieve better efficiency and energy savings with high-performance synthetic lubricants. Longer maintenance intervals and reduced lubricant consumption will also bring down your operating cost.

  • Expert consulting

    Our experts offer you measurable added value through our comprehensive services and expertise from over 90 years of experience.

  • Sustainable operation

    Reduce your footprints on the environment by using biodegradable lubricants in your applications that represent a high risk of spill or contamination to soils and waters.

  • Improved reliability

    Mechanical components located in remote or hazardous areas pose a special challenge to reliable lubrication. Klübermatic lubricators help to dispense the right amount of lubricant at the right intervals.

  • Increased equipment availability

    Our high-performance synthetic lubricants allow continuous service and extended drain intervals. Benefit from our KlüberMonitor oil monitoring program and maximise your productivity.

Extended maintenance intervals, reduced costs and energy savings with optimised lubrication

Synthetic oils made by Klüber Lubrication ensure long service life with reduced lubricant consumption. This leads to less used oil disposal, reduced environmental impact and cost savings.

Klüber Lubrication high-performance synthetic lubricants offer many benefits:

  • Extended maintenance intervals and predictable system downtimes.
  • Optimal lubrication schedules for lower lubricant consumption.
  • The potential to make significant cost and energy savings.

Green Chemistry - together for a sustainabile future

Many refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants represent a high risk for the environment, as they are often located near the seashore and have their own maritime shipping terminal. Our biodegradable lubricants can help prevent ecological damage and spill into the environment, whether your application concerns bearings, valves, hydraulic units, open gears, gearboxes, compressors or railways.

The concept of Green Chemistry describes a chemical industry using an environment-driven approach aiming to reduce environmental and health impact from chemicals, e.g. by minimizing pollution or saving energy. Risks stemming both from the products and their manufacture are to be avoided under this approach. Therefore, the concept of Green Chemistry is applied to chemicals right from the design stage. The optimization of the production processes also play a major role for production companies wanting to make a sizeable contribution to sustainability goals.

The twelve basic principles of Green Chemistry applying today have been around since 1998. As defined by the American Chemical Society, they cover all aspects of product development, manufacturing and product use.

With its innovative product solutions and individual service, Klüber Lubrication helps you to integrate Green Chemistry better into your processes.

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Tailor-made perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) lubricants for the chemical industry


Where even some of our specialty lubricants are not powerful enough to serve the severe application conditions and service requirements, PFPE lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are the right choice. They are recommended in specific cases, where their resistance to extreme temperatures, chemical inertness and their stability to oxidation help maintain smooth operation. The presence of premium PTFE material used as thickener in our PFPE greases ensures good lubrication, additional protection against shock loads and unrivalled stability for numerous applications found in the chemical industry. Our PFPEs have been used to safely lubricate the full range of components used in reactive gas applications for many decades now.

Watch the second part of our PFPE explanatory video here.


Greater safety at work with specialty lubricants

Specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are developed to protect equipment operating in tough conditions like extreme temperatures, heavy loads, toxic and sour gas environments. The non-flammable, BAM-approved range of greases and sliding agents can protect your equipment and ensure safety of staff for applications located in cryogenic environments. The choice of lubricant in oxygen processes, for example, needs special attention since the risk of explosion can be high if standard lubricants are used.

Improved reliability with Klübermatic dispensers

Proper lubrication of critical components can be challenging when the equipment is located in a remote location or in a toxic environment. Special care may be required, and workers may need to wear a harness and/or a hazmat suit to perform regular lubrication routes. Make safety at work your priority by letting our Klübermatic units do this inconvenient and bothersome work. Our Klübermatic lubrication systems allow you to reduce safety risks related to manual lubrication by ensuring maximum reliability of your equipment.

The Klübermatic lubricant dispensers act as controlled lubricant sources. They supply a defined amount of lubricating grease or lubricating oil to a lubrication point at regular intervals. This helps to keep your production equipment up and running.

You can also use automatic lubricant dispensers to optimise the quantity of lubricant applied. This ensures that lubrication is both efficient and that friction points are continuously supplied with sufficient specialty lubricant.

The result: With the appropriate lubricant dispenser and lubricant amounts individually adjusted for your application, you avoid the risks of both over- and under-lubrication. The lubrication point receives the optimal amount of lubricant and, thanks to the closed system; it is also protected against environmental factors such as dust, dirt and moisture.

We support you with expert consulting

Operating and maintenance personnel can significantly increase the lifetime and boost the availability of their machines with high-quality specialty lubricants. In order to provide even more advantages to our customers, we complement our range of specialty lubricants with expert, proactive and effective consulting services. This includes lubricant management, training courses, optimisation of lubrication schedules and solutions that we develop together with our customers.

As an example, our KlüberMonitor program helps customers to achieve the maximum performance of our oils and assists them with maintenance planning. It includes an oil monitoring tool, that allows trends on both oil and equipment conditions to be established.

At a glance: specialty lubricants for the chemical industry

  • High resistance to media and pressure along with high thermal stability increasing uptime.
  • Extended service life of the lubricated components, reducing maintenance interventions and spares inventory.
  • Improved efficiency of your installation, resulting in cost and energy savings.

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