High quality and dimensional accuracy are essential in all metalworking operations, including pressing, forging, cutting and stamping. Process results are also largely dependent on the lubricants and release agents that are used. They must be easy to apply, leave as few residues as possible, and not impair downstream processes. Klüber Lubrication develops and produces process lubricants that exactly meet these requirements.

At a glance: process lubricants from Klüber Lubrication

  • Perfect quality and long life: Our process lubricants enable high surface quality for your products and preserve tools and materials.
  • A clean work environment with low residues: Machines, tools and the work environment remain largely free of residues, vapours and odours.
  • Easy application and low consumption: Save time and money in production.


What are process lubricants?

Process lubricants are lubricants and release agents that are needed in numerous application areas in metalworking and forming, such as sheet metal forming or working, massive forming, or aluminium continuous casting.

Tops for metalworking

Tube bending and deep drawing, forging and continuous casting, stamping and cutting pose highly different requirements for release agents.

  • What they all have in common is a high demand for clean processes with the least possible residues and low wear of tools and dies.
  • The process should also not produce any vapours or unpleasant odours. Further processing must not be impaired by the lubricants or release agents. This is important for subsequent painting, welding or coating of the workpieces.


Optimal process lubrication: the right lubricant for your individual needs

Klüber Lubrication offers specially developed products for numerous applications in metal forming and processing. The right process lubricants and release agents help you achieve extremely high quality, long life and reliability in your forming processes. The most suitable process lubricant for your application depends on the material and the metalworking process, the tool surface and the processing speed. The temperatures during the forming process also play a role. For cutting, stamping and bending processes, lubricants and release agents with the least possible residues usually work best, while oils with solid lubricants (in most cases graphite) are used for hot forming.

The Klüber Lubrication product portfolio for forming processes includes oils with or without solvents, graphite oil and suspensions, a deep-drawing paste that is unique in the global market, and innovative products such as powders and lubricant varnishes that support the economical operation of your machinery.

Your benefits with our process lubricants

  • Broad, practically proven product portfolio available for diverse applications
  • Lower operating costs thanks to less wear and easier aftertreatment, making your forming processes better and more economical
  • High quality of finished parts and long service life of tools and dies
  • Less effort due to ease of use
  • Minimal residue formation reduces impairment of downstream processes

Process lubricants from Klüber Lubrication: the right solution for a wide variety of applications

If you have any questions about the possible applications of our process lubricants, we would be pleased to provide you with individual advice at any time.

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