Specialty lubricants for vehicles: running gear, steering and brakes

The running gear, wheel suspension, steering system and brake system of modern cars place the highest demands on safety, precision and comfort. That is why many vehicle manufacturers rely on specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication. They ensure minimal friction, low breakaway torques and durable performance under all environmental conditions. As a partner to the automotive industry, we are developing new industrial lubricants that meet the challenges of e-mobility, new drive concepts and innovations in the automotive sector.

At a glance: specialty lubricants for running gear, steering and brakes

  • For a wide range of applications: specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication provide lifetime lubrication and smooth operation of wheel suspensions, steering and brakes.
  • Maximum performance & efficiency in the long term: our lubricants deliver consistent performance over a wide temperature range, protect against wear and minimise noise.
  • Proven & reliable: numerous manufacturers rely on Klüber Lubrication. We cooperate closely to develop specialty lubricants with new raw materials and manufacturing processes for the applications of the future.

The right lubricant for every application

Klüber Lubrication offers a wide range of specialty lubricants covering all applications related to vehicle running gears. The automotive lubricants ensure perfect lubrication of wheel suspensions and brake and steering actuators. They meet the requirements of electric servo systems and effectively reduce friction coefficients, wear and noise. In this way they help to deliver high performance and a good driving experience.

  • Running gear: specialty lubricants increase driving comfort 
    Good response and minimal noise: specialty lubricants are used on the running gear, wheel suspension and suspension struts to ensure driving comfort and lifetime lubrication.
  • Steering: efficient lubrication and high temperature resistance 
    Our specialty lubricants ensure high efficiency and load-carrying capacity on steering systems from a wide range of manufacturers. They prevent self-locking, are extremely temperature-resistant and provide lifetime lubrication of steering shafts, ball joints, electric power steering systems with ballscrew drives or dual-pinion drives, and rear axle steering systems.
  • Brake lubricants: maximum efficiency and reliability
    Specially developed lubricants are used in electrical braking systems, parking brakes and brake boosters. A range of PG, PAO, PFPE and silicone-based lubricants are available for this purpose. What they all have in common: low friction, high temperature stability and optimum wear protection for components subject to stress. Klüber Lubrication also develops tailor-made lubricants for technologies such as brake-by-wire and the additional functions of the latest brake systems.

Proven in practice – developed for the future

Our specialty lubricants are tested on over 100 internal test rigs which have been specially developed for the different application scenarios. They are extensively tested for material compatibility and then handed over to manufacturers and OEM suppliers for practical tests. When creating new automotive lubricants, we often work closely with the automotive industry and relevant suppliers as early as during the development stage. The result: approvals from many well-known manufacturers, use for initial lubrication and maintenance, and joint development of industrial lubricants for tomorrow’s applications.

For which application do you need the right high-performance lubricant?

Klüber Lubrication stands for the highest quality, reliability and innovation. We are your competent partner for all aspects of specialty lubricants for the automotive industry. Our automotive team has an established global network – we’re near you too.

Are you looking for the right lubricant for vehicle running gears, steering and brakes? Do you have any questions, or do you need advice on finding a special solution? We are here to help you – talk to our specialists about your project!

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