Reduce contamination risks, increase efficiency

Manufacturers of meat products know that a good recipe is key to a good product. This applies both to the ingredients and the operating materials used in the plant. Choosing the right lubricant based on a proven recipe pays off. Klüber Lubrication offers H1 lubricants meeting your requirements.

Refrigeration compressor

refrigeration compressor

Klüber Summit R 200 & Klüber Summit RHT 68

  • Helps to extend oil change intervals
  • Reduce lubricant disposal cost
  • Improve equipment performance
  • Great potential for energy savings (reduce CO2 emissions)

Gear units

gear units

Klübersynth UH1 14-1600

  • Improved pumpability due to its soft consistency
  • Good adhesion
  • Good corrosion protection

Hydraulic systems

hydraulic systems

Klüberfood 4 NH1 15...100

  • Fully synthetic base oil
  • Support extended oil change intervals
  • Reduce operating cost in hydraulic systems
  • Reduce contaminant build up and valve blockage
  • NSF H1 accreditation


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