Klüberplex EM 91-151

Article-No: 017188 Premium heavy-duty greases for mining and quarrying equipment

Operators of equipment for surface and underground mining expect high machine availability, reduced downtime and low maintenance costs. Klüberplex EM 91-151 is a tried-and-tested heavy-duty grease which we provide on the basis of high-quality mineral oil and a special calcium sulfonate soap thickener. With its 5 % content of MoS2 solid lubricants, it offers additional excellent wear protection, especially under boundary and mixed friction conditions, to meet the specifications of well-known machine manufacturers. This product is especially designed for the demanding operating conditions of the mining industry and stone quarries, which include high loads and surface pressures at low speeds, contamination with abrasive minerals and water.

Performance characteristics:

  • Outstanding wear protection due to MoS2 and graphite

  • Excellent load-carrying capacity at high surface pressures combined with low speeds

  • Good corrosion protection

  • Good adhesion to vertical surfaces even under elevated temperatures

  • Excellent pumpability at low temperatures

Klüberplex EM 91-151

Benefits for your application

  • Contains 5 % MoS2 and approx. 1 % graphite for reliable wear reduction under boundary and mixed friction conditions

  • Long component life and good emergency lubricating properties due to well-balanced solid lubricants content

  • Excellent wear protection and resistance to shock loads due to EP/AW additives

  • Optimum base oil viscosity ensures good pumpability at low temperatures

  • Excellent load carrying capacity due to special calcium sulfonate technology

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