Klüberfluid DHL 2-2100

Article-No: 028010 Synthetic impregnating fluid for sintered metal plain bearings

Klüberfluid DHL 2-2100 is a synthetic impregnating fluid for the lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings subject to high and low temperatures, speeds and loads. Due to the special product formulation and additives, it covers a wide service temperature range and offers good wear and corrosion protection as well as smooth running properties. Klüberfluid DHL 2-2100 can be used for the lifetime lubrication of sintered iron as well as sintered bronze bearings.

Klüberfluid DHL 2-2100

Benefits for your application

  • Longer service life due to good ageing stability and thermal resistance

  • Low noise and smooth running

  • Lifetime lubrication with high reliability; maintenance-free solution

  • Energy savings potential due to low starting and running torques

  • Longer life of bearing due to lower running-in wear

  • Energy savings and improved efficiency due to low friction torque

  • Improved ageing stability due to less internally generated heat at high speeds

  • Easy quality control of minimum-quantity application due integrated UV indicator

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