Klüber Summit RPA 68

Article-No: 050063 Synthetic compressor oil, particularly for highly loaded ammonia refrigeration plants

Klüber Summit RPA 68 is a refrigeration compressor oil based on synthetic hydrocarbons which are compatible with seals. It complies with the requirements set forth in DIN 51 503-1, KAA (08.97).

Klüber Summit RPA 68 is free from paraffin and offers good cold flow properties. It contains base oils of high chemical stability and shows a low tendency to evaporation. Klüber Summit RPA 68 is neutral to seals, particularly seals which have already been operated with naphthene-base mineral oils.

The product is fully miscible with mineral oils.

Klüber Summit RPA 68

Benefits for your application

  • Low maintenance costs due to extended oil change intervals and reduced oil consumption

  • Easy compressor oil conversion due to neutral behaviour towards seals

  • High efficiency of the refrigerating plant due to reduced oil deposits

  • Low operating costs due to long service life of filters and oil separators

  • Wide range of application with evaporating temperatures down to -53°C

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