Article-No: 002119 High-temperature oil for continuous particle board presses

HOTEMP SUPER N is a special high-temperature oil providing reliable lubrication even at high temperatures and speeds. It is an advanced product based on the high-temperature chain oils of the HOTEMP series.

HOTEMP SUPER N has only low evaporation losses at high temperatures. When properly applied, it does not form any lacquer-like residues provided the friction points are always covered with an oil film. In addition, HOTEMP SUPER N offers excellent penetrating properties and thus ensures a rapid lubricating film formation (see Application notes).


Benefits for your application

  • Maximum machine life even at high operating temperatures due to good spreading and wetting properties

  • No lacquer-like residues and thus low contamination of machines due to quasi-continuous total loss lubrication

  • Low consumption due to low evaporation losses at high temperatures

  • Keeps the lubrication systems free of residues, thus reduced maintenance

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